Membership Benefits

Internet Visibility - Our website features interactive listings of all members businesses. As a member, your business is listed under the category of your choice, and you will have the option to provide a direct link and purchase display advertising.

Membership and Visitor Brochure Guide - The East Hampton Chamber of Commerce has a soon-to-be published online brochure. As a member, your business is featured in our guide and you have exclusive rights to purchase display advertising.

Events - The chamber produces several major events in the Village each year and as a member you have priority to participate and sponsor with your business.

Referrals - Through our visitor center, members and their businesses benefit from our extensive referral network. The East Hampton Chamber of Commerce responds to countless emails, faxes, phone calls, and direct visits each season.

Media - The Chamber continually promotes the beauty and opportunities for dining, shopping, and visiting that East Hampton offers with regular press releases to the local, national, and international press. We take this opportunity to promote individual members when possible.

Business Advocate - On your behalf, The East Hampton Chamber of Commerce acts a liaison with Local, State, and Federal offices.

Networking - The Chamber has regular mixers and other opportunities to network with other members and create co-marketing opportunities and foster a positive business environment.

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